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Meticulously Curated Retreats

Come with us on one of our meticulously curated retreat and be number one in your own life.

Let us look after you so that you have the time & space to truly take care of yourself, if only for a few days !


I am Florence, founder of Yoga Retreats & More, and a fully qualified and accredited sound healing practitioner.

I graduated from the College Of Sound Healing and I work with 432hz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and bells.

I aim to always offer the gift of sound healing on our UK based retreats, either as a one to one/ private session or as a group sound bath, depending on the length of the retreat.

* What is sound healing ?

'Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of people with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.' Simon Heather, College of Sound Healing


Sound healing is incredibly powerful and aims to heal on a physical and emotional level.

As the sound of the bowls flows through your body it enables you to fully switch off and let go of the “monkey chatter“. 

It is known to help with anxiety, insomnia, stress and can rebalance the nervous system and heal on a deep cellular level.

It can also stimulate your body’s immune system. 

* Private session:

We are forever evolving and changing, on a cellular as well as emotional level, and every treatment is tailored to your needs at the time of the session. 

The waves of sound, vibrations and frequencies will embrace your body and go where needed, targeting stress, anxiety, tension and other emotional imbalances. 

* Group sound bath:

A totally immersive experience, a nicely flowing sound bath is both soothing and restorative and will help you relax on a very deep level.

You will emerge rejuvenated and ready to tackle life’s next unexpected curveball. 

Whether you are having a one to one session or taking part in a group sound bath, you will experience peace and balance, allowing healing to occur. 

It is not uncommon to feel emotional during a session as unwanted emotions may rise to the surface. 

This is also part of the healing process. 


A common feedback from people is that they have enjoyed the best night’s sleep they have had in a long time following a singing bowl session. The feeling of deep relaxation is profound and long lasting. 

I am based in London and available to hold a group sound bath at your event or hold a private session.

Please get in touch for details. 



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