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Meticulously Curated Retreats

Come with us on one of our meticulously curated retreat and be number one in your own life.

Let us look after you so that you have the time & space to truly take care of yourself, if only for a few days !


Charity giving is woven into the fabric of Yoga Retreats & More.

Giving back is central to our core beliefs and philosophy and started with our very first retreat.

Being passionate about man's best friend and knowing that there are over 600 million stray dogs worldwide, Florence has been tirelessly fund raising to support sterilisation and other welfare programmes, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Every retreat is teamed up with a very carefully chosen and vetted charity, shelter or sanctuary. 

We believe in supporting small grass roots charities and lone rescuers.

Every place sold will include a donation of a minimum of £25 for a chosen partner. 

So far we have donated over £2750 and we are looking forward to raising even more.

We love humans too and have also fund raised for very special causes !

We have proudly supported the following charities:

* Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Uk

* H.A.D.A spay & neuter campaign of Turkish street dogs

* Animal Aid Unlimited, Udaipur, India

* The Wild At Heart Foundation, Uk

* Sheroes Hangout Café, Agra, India

Every place sold means another donation.

Truly exciting and deeply satisfying. 

One more reason for you to choose to retreat with us !




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