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Portrait of YRaM founder Florence Achery



Hello peeps. My name is Florence and I am a retreats addict & connoisseur !

I have a very busy life in London and after a burn out I was advised to go on a retreat to switch off, recharge & rejuvenate. That was years ago, and I haven't looked back !

It did save my sanity !! Understanding the importance of looking after my mental health and general wellbeing, I have been going on retreats ever since, at least once a year. From Thailand to Iceland and India to Cuba retreats have been my saviour. I do practice yoga at home but nothing can beat the escapism that comes from discovering a new land, a new culture. There is also something very special about sharing an experience with like minded strangers. 

I have had some wonderful retreats, where I found my inner strength and came back a new woman. I also made some lifelong friends along the way. Win, win, win !

Unfortunately I have also experienced some very average retreats. The denominating factor often being the size of the group. I have learnt that a smaller group makes for a better experience.  

I understand that to a lot of people booking a retreat is either a treat or a necessity. You either want or need to treat yourself to some 'me time' in order to reconnect with yourself. You could be working a high pressure job or maybe life isn't so kind to you right now and you need to look after yourself. You need to disconnect from your everyday life for a few days. Leave behind whatever is bringing you down. 

To me a retreat is a special place where you are allowed to feel safe and free to look after yourself physically and mentally. 

My mission is to create the kind of retreats that I am myself looking for. A sanctuary where, for a few days, you will be cherished. With the help of complimentary therapies such as Reiki, Hypnosis, Mesmerism, Ayurveda, Juicing and so much more...I will aim to team up with passionate yoga teachers & knowledgeable therapists as I want you to have an unforgettable experience and go home a new, better and stronger person.

Not much to ask !

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